A World of Privileges at your fingertips

A membership network that accords members exclusive privileges in lifestyle, entertainment, leisure, healthcare and hospitality spheres of life as well financial empowerment

Premium Services At Great Discounts

You have access to premium entertainment, leisure, hospitalty and travel services at low rates with your card.

Privileged Lifestyle at your fingertips

Get access to lifestyle and hospitality services with your Gold Privilege card

E-Wallet Service For Amazing Discounts and Loyalty Points

We have a built in E-Wallet system to redeem privileges and discounts at over 200 brands. You can also transfer points to other users or convert your points to cash for purchasing discounted product and services.

Come and Enjoy life with Satisfaction

The priviledges you get with a GoldPriviledge Card always leave you with a smile

How It Works


Join and Choose A Plan

Buy a membership card. Register on the the website to join then go to the plans page and choose a plan that suits your need


Process Your Plan

Click the buy now button to purchase the plan


Get Your Access

Access your pan privileges granted after payment

My membership now gives me the opportunity to enjoy activities and services i felt were out of my reach

Side view of optimistic young African American businessman in formal suit and white shirt standing on street near modern buildings and looking at camera
Desmond Olayinka

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